Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Painted on Finger Nail



This collection is for women who have or are battling cancer. Every month a custom wig will be donated to one woman. Please nominate yourself or someone you know to win a wig from this collection!

Inspired by my late aunt Sherrie who’s beautiful life ended prematurely due to cancer. I can recall her asking me to do her hair for her after it slowly started to fall out due to the chemo and cancer medications. I was a bit conflicted as to what type of hairstyle I could do to not only hide the hair loss but to also make her look and feel beautiful despite the cancer. Years later after attending Aveda Cosmetology school, I begun teaching myself how to create wigs. Immediately I knew that the type of wigs I wanted to create had to be perfect, flawless, customized and as realistic as possible. The wigs I create serve a bigger and greater purpose than just hair. With every new piece I create I see a representation of restoration, strength, and the ability to blossom and be beautiful despite life’s obstacles. The Sherrie collection stands for every woman fighting cancer and the women who have defeated their battle. I stand with you, I believe in you and I want you to feel forever beautiful!

Sherrie Collection Nomination Form